A Short Intro of Why Great Sailing

For many oversea students, living and learning in Australia is just like Columbus's great sailing -- exploring a completely unknown area. Hence the reason we setup Greatsailing is to embrace the unique learning experience in Australia with ease!

Learning Oriented

With well designed school learning curriculum, students can grab the first-hand experience of studying in Australia in shortest time frame.

Customised Traveling

We truly understand students' requirements and expectation for traveling. Hence the travel plan has been fine tuned and customised.

Future Education Support

Learning in Australia is huge commitment for oversea students. So we cater for future education and long term support.

Great Sailing Vision & Mission

In Australian premium education offering, we believe every single oversea student will gain special momentum, which would boost them in long term for not only picking up English as a language, but also cultivating their independence and leadership, communication skill, self-recognition, and finally leverage that momentum to prepare themselves for future success.
International Education Platform

International Education Platform

Immersive Learning Experience

Seeing is believing. While when it comes to immersive learning environment, and letting young students to explore the brand new education experience, it really makes a difference for them to gain wider vision towards not only study itself, but the actual world around them.

Leadership Cultivation

Leadership Cultivation

become leaders by exposure and experience

Our programs desire to extend young students' circle from their ordinary curriculum to something they haven't got in touch with, in terms of learning style, living, culture, and the way of communication. It aims to enable students to make unknown areas become their comfort zone, which harnessing their leadership along the way.

Communication Excellence

Communication Excellence

Communicators in Global Environment

Communication is not only about language skill, but also lies in cultural understanding, confidence, empathy, and interconnection. In nowadays global environment, foreign students would engage with Australian local students to expose themselves in brand new thinking environment, gain new insight to bridge cultural gap, so as to achieve communication excellence.

Enlightened for Self-Recognition

Enlightened for Self-Recognition

Better Prepared for Future Education Path

In Great Sailing, we truly believe small ideas can grow into huge success, given the right guidance and support in need. Young students would be encouraged to formulate and rethink their future education path, and strive to make it happen. The self-recognition journey would commence from the learning, traveling, communication and cultural engagement that we make every effort to create.

"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination." -- Christopher Columbus

Great Sailing's Services Overview

For detailed introduction, please reach out to Great Sailing support team
Australia Traveling

Australia Traveling

Explore the Victoria metro view and history

During the traveling, all participants have opportunities to embrace the Aussie metro history, and experience an Aussie life.

Australia Education

Australia Education

Life experience in Australian Style Education System

Participants are expected to take part in the customised education experience, which will definitely enrich their learning attitude.

Further Education Tutoring

Further Education Tutoring

Assisting those students who want to pursue further study in Australia

Learning in a foreign environment is never easy, while Great Sailing is aimed to bridge that gap and ensure each student would make the best out of their further study in Australia.

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