First of all, everything about Great Sailing starts from real life experience of its cofounders. While the first question needs to be answered is: Why we need Great Sailing, and what can Great Sailing do for those oversea students who are exploring the education opportunities in Australia.

As a foreign student who desires to pursue further education in Australia, he/she will come across with some well-known questions, such as:

Which cities I like most for my university?

Which university best fits for my development plan and personality?

What kind of subject is my favourite one?

How should I choose a living accommodation, home stay or boarding house at school?

You may ask tons of questions like these, and even it’s not impossible, it’s still quite challenge for those students to make a best-fit decision, before they got a chance to immerge into the real-life learning environment in Australia, get in touch with teachers and students, and set their foot on the ground to feel the atmosphere for the city and schools. So here’s how Great Sailing is coming to help.

As a specialised and professional international education institution, Great Sailing is dedicated to providing high-quality education programs and activities for teenagers aging from 4 to 18 years old, aiming to help teenagers to develop learning abilities, living and communication skills as required in the 21st century. Based on the objective of improving the cross-cultural communications among teenagers through Australian prestige education, thus, making them world citizens with global vision. Great Sailing extended the footprint from China to Australia, constructing the bridge between Chinese youth and the versatile global learning and education environment. 

We are based in Melbourne, and have setup partner alliance around Australia, aiming to provide customised learning experience to Chinese youth, which we truly believe is serving as a foundation to enable those young students to obtain the ideal Australian education that best fit their personal growth needs.

Feel free to contact us for further information / cooperation.